Brian's Newsletter - 17th January

Brian Love


Helloooooo Everyone
The newsletters are back from a little breather (If you hadn't noticed!). After a full on year of coaching after the lockdown it was totally obvious a little time out and break from tennis was necessary to just recharge... Ready now for another fun and exciting year of tennis at the club! 
Djokovic booted out of Australia and rightly so... Maybe Australia could have handled it all a bit better, but no one is bigger than the tournament itself. Hugely divisive opinions worldwide but whether we like it or not, the rules are rules and  must be respected. It's not been a positive story for tennis and it will be interesting how it pans out over the next few months with other big events.
You can watch the tennis on Eurosport or Discovery + app. 
And just to make you feel better... Sabalenka hit 21 double faults in a match last week!!! Even the best have a bad day!
Club News
Grace tournament up and running. Hopefully you are all getting your matches in and enjoying playing with your partners.
Box leagues will be out soon....
Club sessions running as normal... Wednesday evenings, Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings, but keep an eye out for information on a new coach led club social session on Saturday afternoons.
Just an observation, but the men outnumber the ladies by quite a lot on the  Wednesday sessions so ladies... we want to see more of you down on Wednesdays!!! They may have big serves but they dont always go in, most of the time! 
Ladies & Mens mornings are as popular as ever on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. 
Contact Mary Williams for the ladies & Ian Rogers for the Mens.
We look forward to more social events, organized by the brilliant Paula Clarke. Feel free to offer your help and support for future events...
Our Mens, Ladies & Junior teams continue to make the club proud whether winning, drawing or losing in the local leagues. Why not find out when they are playing and come down and support. 
Check out the new furniture in the club house... Now you don't have to feel guilty for spilling your red wine on the arms of the chairs as they can be easily wiped down now!
Coaching News
Our coaching team of myself, Bert, Claire & Nicky are refreshed and waiting to hear from you. Chasing that dream of improving your game no ends!
We received feedback from the club after the recent club survey and take on board all the constructive comments to improve your tennis experiences and opportunities to have quality coaching. We totally respect everyone's opinions (most of the time!) on coaching at the club and continue to offer the best service possible with a smile and the odd cheeky comment!
The club allows us to offer as extensive a coaching programme as possible for the juniors and adults so please feel free to get in touch with any queries or requests.
Motivational Quote of the Week








Things That Maybe Don't Really Matter at the Tennis Club

  • The height of the net being a centimeter too low or high
  • Someone walking behind the court as you play a rally
  • If you forget to sweep the court
  • If you can't lift the sweeper onto the hooks
  • If you park too close to the lines..... 
  • If you're not wearing up to date tennis fashion....
  • If you swing too much on your volleys..... Noooo.... This matters!!!! 

Don't get bogged down with old fashioned etiquette (that generally puts people off joining clubs....) Just relax and enjoy yourselves.... stress free...
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So we hope you have all had a good start to the year. Sometimes January can be a funny old month. We look forward to aeally good year on and off the courts.....









Brian Love

Head Coach

Dorking Lawn Tennis & Squash Club
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